Deposit now to receive 40% bonus
40% Bonus,

Deposit now to receive 40% bonus. You will receive the bonus immediately after your deposit.

Support Team
Basel, Switzerland

Jan-19-2017 10:18:22 PM
Automatic Payment is Enabled
BASEL: From instant to automatic withdrawal, our system has been updated. Every withdrawal will be automatically sent to your wallet or accounts. This is a very good news for all investors.

Support Team
Basel, Switzerland
Dec-30-2016 03:24:13 AM
Instant Withdrawal System
BASEL: Swiss Bank Corporation has used the Instant Withdrawal System prompting the safety of profit return. The Bank has been invested for over 2 millions just for 14 days. This is the success of our Bank system. The Bank is waiting for more and people to join.

Basel, Switzerland
Support Team
Dec-17-2016 08:07:36 PM
Safe Investment Opportunity
BASEL: Swiss Bank Corporation offers the most safe investment opportunity with guaranteed profit return. This opportunity is offered globally for extra income earning. To guarantee the safety of your capital, Swiss Bank Corporation has hired the modern technology with the cooperation with Blockchain technology, Security Hub, and the FBI Investigation Center. These technologies will guarantee the safe investment with trust.

Basel, Switzerland
Support Team
Dec-16-2016 07:59:39 PM
Extra Information about our Bank
BASEL: Swiss Bank Corporation is a legit and real Bank operated in Basel, Switzerland. Swiss Bank has officially opened for online investment programs in early December, 2016. Website: is an authorized website operating the investment programs. The website uses an instant withdrawal system which allows you to withdraw instantly. The Bank really guaranteed the return to all investors because the Bank is a legit entity and it can't operated against the law.

Basel, Switzerland
Support Team
Dec-16-2016 03:07:22 AM
Extra Profit With Special Rights!
BASEL: Let's share your own referral links in your Swiss Bank accounts to your families, relatives, or friends to earn extra 10% commission. To share your referral links is to become our stuff members. Stuff Members always have the special rights over the normal members. So stuff members can both earn the 10% commission and special rights. However, we are not forcing you to share. Choices are upon you. Let's help save the world.

Basel, Switzerland
Support Team
Dec-13-2016 09:48:41 PM
Blockchain Cooperation
BASEL: Blockchain has entered an agreement with our Bank. From now on, Blockchain will always help with unconfirmed transaction, increase higher deposit security and guaranteed rapid payment received. This is a great news for all investors.

Basel, Switzerland
Support team
Dec-13-2016 12:08:20 AM
6 Hour Bonus!
BASEL: Regarding the meeting of Board Directors having decided to offer a bonus of 10% for every deposit. Creditors will be able to withdraw the bonus immediately. This bonus expires in 6 hours from now. This is a good news.
Dec-12-2016 09:49:42 PM
Bitcoin Deposit Now Available!
BASEL: After the problem of Bitcoin deposit occurred about 19 hours, it has been been solved now. You can deposit bitcoin as usual.

Basel, Switzerland
Support Team
Dec-11-2016 01:36:16 PM
Spammed Message Attention
BASEL: Our bank always send messages to our customers about the important news. These message sometimes is not seen inbox of your email account. If not seen, please check your "SPAMS messages" and click on "Move to box" to receive inbox for later messages.

Basel, Switzerland
Support Team
Dec-11-2016 02:15:51 AM
Successful FBI Cooperation
BASEL: Swiss Bank Corporation is a global investment bank. Since it is a global company, it needs a very suitable police intelligent to guarantee our bank security. Yesterday, our Bank has signed the contract with Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is the domestic intelligence and security service of the United States, which simultaneously serves as the nation's prime federal law enforcement agency. FBI will coordinate the security system related to Cyber Crime in our Bank. Our cooperation will definitely help increase both security and any illegal activities that against our Bank.

Basel, Switzerland
Support Team
Dec-9-2016 09:23:50 PM
How Our Company Work? Is it Safe to Invest?
BASEL: To answer the questions, our bank advisor has illustrated as following:

"Our bank has two kinds of assets. One is the reserved fund used for paying out for our investors. Another is our bank investment asset. This asset is used for investment in the Billion Profit Sectors such real estate, gas, oil, construction, loan, and gold. These investment sectors are providing the billion profits. Our bank has a lot of professional investment experts who can predict the flow of economy and know how to take the opportunity. So in the small return to all investors, it would be no difficult. This program help provide the stability of our bank fund and in return, you will get the profit from your investment. This is called Mutual Benefit. No one lose, together we build a better world."

Basel, Switzerland
Support Team
Dec-9-2016 01:34:30 AM
BASEL: Our bank is operating under the national law of Switzerland and international law related to financial institutions. Our bank offers the Global Investment Opportunity which helps to help people globally in finance. Everyone everywhere can earn profit from our Bank. Everyone can promote our Bank to earn extra 10% commission through your own referral link in your Swiss Bank account. Doing so is not just helping yourself but also those whom you invited. This is a mutual benefit. The more you help others, the more you help yourself.

Basel, Switzerland
Support Team
Dec-8-2016 09:16:59 PM
Deposit Instructions
BASEL: Many investors has problems related to how to invest in Swiss Bank Corporation. We will list down on how to invest as following:
1. Login to your account. If you don't have an account yet, please sign up a new account.
2. Click on "Make Deposit".
3. Choose one investment plan you desire: Starting Credit, Bronze Credit, Silver Credit, Platinum
Credit, Gold Credit, or Diamond Credit.
4. Type the amount to spend: 1$ to 10,000$
5. Choose a type of money to invest: Perfect Money, Payeer, or Bitcoin.
6. Click on "Spend" at the bottom of the investment page.
7. Click on "Process" or "Cancel" if you like.
- If deposit Perfect Money, just follow its instruction after you click on "Process".
- If deposit Payeer, just follow its instruction after you click on "Process".
- If deposit Bitcoin, please send the exact amount of Bitcoin that you see after you click on
Just follow these instructions, you will be able to invest in our Bank.

Basel, Switzerland
Dec-8-2016 08:27:21 PM
Compounding Investment Feature
BASEL: Our bank offers the compounding feature allowing your profit becoming the principal (Investing deposit). Compounding allows you to use the percentage you desire whether you want 100% compounding, it is your choice. This feature can multiply your profit much greater than your normal profit.

Basel, Switzerland
Dec-3-2016 10:41:15 PM
Welcome to the World of Investments!
BASEL: This is the greatest opportunity for online earning. The program will definitely provide services. Deposit now to earn your profit. This is not some sort of HYIP programs. The company is a real and legit company registered officially under the law. Start earnings!

Basel, Switzerland.
Dec-3-2016 09:31:18 AM
Official Launch
BASEL: The official launch of Online Investment Program has been in Basel, Switzerland. The launch will provide the benefits to many. Related to the privacy, the Banking Law of 1934 made it a criminal act for a Swiss bank to reveal the name of an account holder. Swiss bank secrecy protects the privacy of bank clients; the protections afforded under Swiss law are similar to confidentiality protections between doctors and patients or lawyers and their clients.

Basel, Switzerland.
Dec-3-2016 09:26:19 AM